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Water Treatment

GP Ozone Systems Applications

The ozone gas produced by GP ozone systems, whose raw material is oxygen, is the only FDA-approved disinfectant.

Flour Mill

It is effective against mold, fungus, bacteria and insect infestation in the transport screws of flour mills, packaging, annealing and storage areas.

Water Treatment

Green Power (GP) ozone systems provide disinfection and color removal in wastewater treatment with strong oxidation effect. Microbiological pollution is eliminated.

Bad Smell

All kinds of bad odors inside the facilities, chimney systems and outdoors, are eliminated both indoors and at the chimney exits.

Amimal Farms

Gp ozonation systems are used in sea water and fresh water disinfection in hatcheries and adaptation units.

Dairy Factories

Provides process water and storage water disinfection and environment, air and surface disinfection. Reduces fungus, mold and bacteria load

Green Power Ozone Systems

Ozone gas oxidation is very high and is the strongest known disinfectant and does not leave any harmful residue to the human body compared to other disinfection methods. Green Power (GP) ozone systems are a set of systems combined with ozone generators that obtain natural ozone by applying high-density voltage to oxygen atoms with the high ionization technique and PSA method.

GP Ozone Systems Advantages

%100 Oxygen

GP ozone systems use their own oxygen sources and produce quality ozone

Non Toxic Ozone Gas

GP ozonation systems do not produce toxic azotoxin after years of work.

High Density Ozone Gas

Ozone gas is produced using the high ionization technique and the PSA method.

Anti Mold

The use of GP ozone gas systems provides 99.9% effect against molds.

Anti Fungal

Green Power Ozone systems are 99.9% successful anti fungal

Anti Bacterial

Ozone gas It prevents bacterial growth and is 99.9% effective anti bacterial.

Continuous Disinfection

GP Ozone system applications, software and hardware provide uninterrupted ozone disinfection

Strong Fumigation

Best ozone gas fumigation without residue harmful to human health.

Productivity Increase

GP Ozone Systems contribute to your productivity by providing effective solutions against fungi, mold and bacteria.

Approved by FDA

Ozone gas is natural disinfectant in the world approved by FDA. It does not leave any chemical residue.

Ozone Gas Usage in Flour Mills Fumigation and Disinfection Methods

Efficient Fumigation and Disinfection systems with GP Ozone gas for Wheat Silos, Annealing Water, Annealing Silos, Flour Screws, Collector Screws, Packaging Units. 

Wastewater Treatment and Disinfection with GP Ozone

GP Systems provide strong ozone gas and oxidation effect to remove color in wastewater and reduce microbiological pollution load. GP ozone disinfection systems are the only FDA-approved natural disinfectant and effective in water disinfection.